Use Cases

Medical and Dental Digital Radiology Images

Professional Offices have digital radiology assets that continue to grow over the years. These images must be saved on highly durable storage media as some patients could come back after months and even years. Storing them on multiple media could be cost consuming and retrieving the correct information is time consuming. With cold storage you can store all your digital assets for a lower cost and have an instant search, access and image preview for fast retrieval.

Archiving Digital Media Assets

Since the emergence of Hi-Definition TV, 3D, Digital Photography and social media, media companies and professional photographer need a reasonable means to store these assets as they can grow easily over the years. Now you can store these digital assets that might have been discarded to make room for newer assets or clear room of older media off the primary storage by storing them inexpensively on Cold Storage.

Tape Replacement

Enterprises and more have been relying on tapes for data storage and Archiving purposes due to its inexpensive nature to store mass amounts of storage. However, tapes have a hidden cost in hiring a dedicated staff to manage and maintain tape libraries, tape replacement, transferring offsite, upgrading tape libraries, and more.

Net20 offers an easy to use alternative to storing data that is more cost efficient than tape; considering the long term expense. In addition, you can view all your backed up data and retrieve the files you need with ease. In addition, Clowdz durable and reliable infrastructure replicates data on many facilities without extra cost. Use Copy, Encrypt and ShipTM to send your large data directly to our servers, they will be processed with zero knowledge, and backup will resume incrementally and automatically.